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''Trayecto Marciano (D 89)''
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Artworks in 22 countries around the globe

Artworks in 22 countries around the globe

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Leo Díaz,  puerto plata, Dominican Republic (1977). Visual artist, draughtsman, photographer, muralist, designer, art teacher. Leo started painting at the age of fifteen. He was self-taught during his early years and was later…    learn more…


Biografía resumida por Centro Cultural Banreservas, Santo Domingo


Leo Díaz, Leo Díaz (1977), egresado de la Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago, UTESA, estudió artes en la provincia de Puerto Plata, en el Centro León de Santiago y en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Santo Domingo, ha participado en un total de 17 exposiciones, dentro de ellas 4 individuales, ha recibido varios reconocimientos entre ellos el del Ayuntamiento Municipal de Sosúa, por su contribución al desarrollo cultural del municipio, también fue reconocido por el Museo de Luxemburgo…  →  Saber más

Leo Díaz’s Artist Statement


My paintings are a reflection of the national and local environment. Day-to-day topics are my favorite as an old pair of pants or a broken umbrella and are as useful to me as colors and brushes.

I usually prefer to work and a big format because it allows me to express my work in a more free style.
Colors are very important to me because I see art as the universal language, and colors, as its alphabet. I normally paint with blue, orange…  →  learn more…

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Talking about famous Dominican painters at the Garden Kids school, Sosua.


The Sky’s the Limit?
I have witnessed a transformation in the artworks of Leo Diaz during the last 14 years that visually says the sky and beyond, is the limit. Leo Diaz has a versatile set of artist skills and visual ability that allows for fluid transitions between artistic styles. Over the years, Leo Diaz has brought an emotional impact to his viewing audiences through his various forms of expression. From realism to abstract interpretation, from fluid structures to dancing geometric shapes, to what has now become his present signature work, the Series Cosmos. It is a perfect playground for a creative mind to explore and discover “What’s Next” and “What Else Is Possible.?” It is also a great treat for us to enjoy.

I salute the fertile imagination, the mastery of color and illusion, and the range of exploration in the ever-growing family of powerfully beautiful and fantastic imagery of the visual artist, Leo Diaz. And I look forward to where he takes us next as he expands his visual journal.

Eli Kince

Eli Kince Visual Artist, Writer, Graphic Design Professor., Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Percibo, y ojalá así sea, que eres un joven de taller, trabajador y abnegado en el compromiso con el arte, con tu arte. De ser asi, cuenta conmigo. El oficio del arte no es el espectáculo ni el estrellato, la ruta hacia la consagración es dura, difícil, dramática, y a veces dolorosa y triste…

Abil Peralta Agüero

Critico de Arte , Crítico de Arte-Curador-Consultor Cultural

La educación es la única vía para que los niños y jóvenes de hoy, constituyan en el futuro una generación culta y crítica, difícil de manipular políticamente.

(Proyecto – Regreso a clase con arte 2019 – 2020)   

Dr. Óscar Zazo.

Escritor español.

Caribbean artists are mostly known for their signature phases in color and concept, but few are born with an innate dominance of perceptual depth as Leo Diaz. On a quick visit to his studio a few days ago we were impressed with the quality and quantity of his art, a powerful statement of his own self-conscious, artistic universe. His deep commitment to art is displayed on the walls of his atelier: framed black and white photos flanking the mid-section of the gallery, in stand walls; a wooden casket used as a canvas painted with faded tones, sort of a bookish story plastered on it (part of a collection used in a recent vernissage. (written by Edward Rivas).

Art lesson  



Images of ”iMPATTO NOTURNO” exhibition  




 Available Artworks

La Emb


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↘  Leo Díaz Atelier – Studio in the Mountains   

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Los cielos cuentan la gloria de Dios, Y el firmamento anuncia la obra de sus manos (Sal. 19:1)

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