Antes y después /// Before and after.

Mural: ”Amor de sandía”.

Certainly! The “Amor de Sandía” mural by Leo Díaz is a captivating work of art. It was dedicated to the youth of Sosúa, in the Dominican Republic. The mural materials were provided by the Ministry of Culture, and the collaboration involved Gabriela Stimpfle, Susanne Pickhardt, and Raunel. The mural was located at the entrance of the Jóvenes del Mundo school, near Veterinaria Dr. de la Cruz. If you’d like to see the before and after images, you can find them here. 🎨🌟

Dedicatoria: Jóvenes de Sosúa.
Materiales aportado por: Ministerio de Cultura Rep. Dominicana
Colaboradores: Gabriela Stimpfle, Susanne Pickhardt, Raunel.

Lugar: Entrada colegio Jóvenes del mundo, próximo a la Veterinaria Dr. de la Cruz.
Fotos por: LD

Concluido. ''Amor de Sandía''

”Amor de Sandía”. (detalle)

Amor de Sandia

Amor de Sandia

Mural dedicado a la Juventud de Sosúa

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