The genius of Leo Diaz’s brand identity lock-up

I am writing this statement to express my interpretations of the elegant power and beauty of the Brand Identity Lock-up of Leo Diaz. His Brand Identity is striking and memorable, two positive attributes of “Good Design.” I’ve been teaching design courses on typography, logotypes, logomarks, and symbols for corporate identity, and ultimately branding for nearly fifty years. I’m also teaching basic and advanced design processes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and I’ve taught at Cooper Union.

I met Leo Diaz shortly after I started visiting the Dominican Republic. I was attracted to the selection of his paintings and his studio presentation of his 3-dimensional works and souvenirs. Also, his signage had a certain maturity and confidence that permeated the essence of a graphic designer. The artwork had an active, creative spirit that I thought was very interesting. There was an attention to detail in his work that spoke to a cosmopolitan and universal quality. So when Leo asked me to give him feedback on his work, an enthusiastic yes was a natural and immediate response. I can see Leo’s design intent and the beauty in his logo after analyzing the shapes, the legibility, the details, the contrast, the variety of strokes and textures within the letterforms and the fish-like symbol.

The genius of Leo Diaz’s brand identity lock-up consists of 3 parts; a logotype of his name, a fish-like logomark, and a tagline. Together, these parts create a visually exciting and memorable identity for Leo as a multi-disciplinary artist. What is excellent about his brand identity is that his logotype and logomark are flexible and distinct enough to be used separately as a stand-alone identity depending on his field of creative expression.

For example, Leo has been using his logotype to sign-off his original artwork and sign other materials. In his promotional products, he selectively chooses to either use the full lock or only his logotype or his logomark.

His brand identity represents what he does as a creative working in multi-discipline fields including painting, photography, drawings, murals, and helping the community through visual art.

Using the logotype, the logomark, and the tagline together or a part makes Leo Diaz’s system of identifying and branding flexible and exciting. It allows him to intuitively brand his works and activities and reinforce his overall presentation and status as a great artist. His consistency and commitment to always displaying his best efforts and his best work make his branding system work.

To help put Leo’s brand in context, I am adding this short historical overview of branding. Over the centuries, branding has evolved from farmers burning a mark or symbol onto property and livestock for identification of ownership, to a much more versatile meaning. Branding can now identify ownership, assign credit, build equity and trust, and be used to claim quality and excellence. The concept of branding is now a global phenomenon. Leo Diaz’s work is now sold all over the world.

Eli Kince
Visual Artist, Writer, Historian, Graphic Design Professor
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

elvin Elias lee kince


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3 –

4 –

Leo Diaz Signature Dominican Visual Artist

5 –

Souvenirs LD

6 –

7 – 1

7 – 2

7- 3

7 – 4

Make up by D Herrminia Maquillaje – Photo Carlos Edwardo Corporan

7 – 5

8 –

9 –

10 –

11 –

12 –

13 –

Souvenirs LD, T-shirt. Soy de Sosúa, representando a Puerto Plata.

14 –

15 –

16 –

17 –

18 –

19 –

20 –

21 –


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