Leo Díaz, a talented visual artist from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, has made a significant impact in the art world. His journey began at the age of fifteen, and he is a self-taught artist who has honed his skills over the years. Leo’s work spans various mediums, including drawing, photography, mural art, and design. Let’s delve into more details about this remarkable artist:

Background and Education:
Leo Díaz studied arts in Puerto Plata, as well as at the Centro León in Santiago and the Museo de Arte Moderno in Santo Domingo.
Leo has participated in a total of 17 exhibitions, including 4 solo shows.
His contributions to the cultural development of the municipality earned him recognition from the Ayuntamiento Municipal de Sosúa, Rotary Club.
Leo was also honored by the Museo de Luxemburgo1.

Artist Statement:
Leo’s paintings are a reflection of the local and national environment.
He finds inspiration in everyday topics, whether it’s an old pair of pants or a broken umbrella.
Leo’s preferred format is large canvases, allowing him to express his work freely.
Colors play a crucial role in his art, serving as the universal language and its alphabet.
His palette often includes shades of blue and orange2.
Versatility and Exploration:

Over the years, Leo Diaz has demonstrated versatility in artistic styles.
From realism to abstract interpretation, he captivates viewers with emotional impact.
His present signature work is the Series Cosmos, where he explores the limitless possibilities of creativity.
The cosmos becomes his playground, inviting us to wonder “What’s Next” and “What Else Is Possible?”.
In summary, Leo Díaz’s art is a vibrant tapestry woven from local experiences, colors, and imagination. His journey continues, and we eagerly await his next visual chapter. 🎨🌟

In his web you can find:

• Visual art form
• Art from Local Artist for sale
• Leo Diaz local Artist.
• Art Items
• Art Souvenirs
• Murals
• Painting

”Sin título”. Mixed media sobre lienzo 160 X 152 – 125 cm. Ref. Nº. 320 – 4- 13. New York, Sra. Kirsten Clark

”Trayecto Marciano XCIII”. Mixta sobre lienzo  215 X 182 cm. Ref. Nº. 460 – 5 – 22. Serie COSMOS. c

”Trayecto Marciano LXXIV.” Acrílico sobre lienzo 205 X 262 cm. Ref. Nº. 440 – 5 – 19. British Columbia, Canadá. Sra. Rhena Aoke (Res. Sosúa RD)

Available Artworks

Murals, Stree Art

Working progress ‘mural la roca

All Artworks by Leo Díaz

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