Hi, I have the pleasure to share this recent article about Sosua Attraction from: Bangkok, Thailand.  One of many that lately are coming up

ART GALLERY BY LEO DÍAZ leodiazart.com/ The Leo Diaz Art Gallery occupies a special place in the cultural life of the Dominican Republic and Sosua: it is a great opportunity to diversify a beach holiday on the ocean. The gallery houses a collection of rather unusual bright works, and it is not necessary to understand art at the expert level to understand their idea. Leo Diaz began to draw in his youth, studied himself, and now is known not only in the Dominican Republic as a photographer, designer and visual artist, but also as a professor of art. In his works, Leo Diaz talks about the culture and traditions of the Dominican Republic, and everyday life is presented brightly and clearly. In the Museum you will rarely find small canvases, more often it is a large format, the same as the soul of the inhabitants of the Caribbean. The artist admits that his work was influenced by masters of various eras from the Renaissance to Picasso of the 20th century. Leo Diaz lives and works in Sosua, here are his permanent exhibitions, and his work also occupies a place of honor in the art gallery in New York.

Source: Источник: https://provodniq.com/en/attractions-in-sosua-dominican-republic/#Art_Gallery_by_Leo_Diaz

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