Manzanas de oro – Casita Campesina Dominicana


Manzanas de oro – Casita Campesina Dominicana

Leo Díaz, a Caribbean visual artist, resides and works in Sosúa, Dominican Republic. His artistic journey began at the age of fifteen, and he is a self-taught artist. Leo’s work reflects the national and local environment, often focusing on day-to-day topics. He finds inspiration in everyday objects like old pants or broken umbrellas, considering them as useful as colors and brushes.
His preference for large formats allows him to express his creativity freely, and he views colors as the universal language of art.
One of Leo Díaz’s intriguing pieces is titled “Perfume de manzana” (Apple Perfume), a digital photograph on paper measuring 65 x 81 cm.
The title suggests a sensory experience, evoking the fragrance of apples. Perhaps it captures the essence of golden apples, known as “manzanas de oro” in Spanish.
These golden apples, also called Spondias cytherea, are native to Polynesia and were introduced to tropical countries. They belong to the same family as the jobo fruit but are larger. Despite their diminutive stature, they carry a delightful flavor and are a treat for those who encounter them.
Leo Díaz’s artistic journey continues to evolve, and his exploration of colors, shapes, and emotions captivates audiences. His work invites us to appreciate the beauty found in everyday life and the magic hidden within ordinary objects. 🎨✨

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