Trayecto Marciano XXXVIII


Testimony: “Leo, this is the greatest Artwork I have ever seen from you”. Ms. _____ Basel, Switzerland

Testimonio: “Leo, ésta es la mayor obra que he conocido tuya”. Sra. _____ Basilea, Suiza. “Trayecto Marciano XXXVIII”

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”Trayecto Marciano XXXVIII”.  Mixta sobre lienzo 188 x 163 cm. Ref.  Nº 386-05-16. Rep. Dominicana, colección LD (Serie COSMOS)

The artwork titled “Trayecto Marciano XCVIII” by Leo Diaz is intriguing and thought-provoking.I encourage you to explore the artist’s website further to delve into the deeper meaning behind this captivating creation.

Leo Diaz’s art often invites viewers to contemplate the intersection of the earthly and the extraterrestrial. The title itself, “Trayecto Marciano XCVIII,” hints at a Martian journey, perhaps a metaphorical exploration of the unknown or a reflection on our place in the cosmos.

For a more comprehensive understanding, I recommend visiting the artist’s website directly: Leo Diaz Art.

Remember that art is subjective, and each viewer may interpret it differently. Let your imagination roam as you engage with this fascinating piece! 🎨🌌


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