The Sky’s the Limit?

I have witnessed a transformation in the artworks of Leo Diaz during the last 14 years that visually says the sky and beyond, is the limit. Leo Diaz has a versatile set of artist skills and visual ability that allows for fluid transitions between artistic styles. Over the years, Leo Diaz has brought an emotional impact to his viewing audiences through his various forms of expression. From realism to abstract interpretation, from fluid structures to dancing geometric shapes, to what has now become his present signature work, the Series Cosmos. It is a perfect playground for a creative mind to explore and discover “What’s Next” and “What Else Is Possible.?” It is also a great treat for us to enjoy.

I salute the fertile imagination, the mastery of color and illusion, and the range of exploration in the ever-growing family of powerfully beautiful and fantastic imagery of the visual artist, Leo Diaz. And I look forward to where he takes us next as he expands his visual journal.

Eli Kince
Visual Artist, Writer, Graphic Design Professor
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

elvin Elias lee kince


MZ 3 Ant_Nebula ”Trayecto Marciano LVI”. Acrílica sobre lienzo 107 x 138 cm. Ref. No. 420-9-18. (Serie COSMOS)

”Trayecto Marciano LXXVII” Acrílica sobre lienzo 160 x 240 cm. Ref. Nº. 444-10-19. Rep. Dominicana (Serie COSMOS)

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