Art Studio Leo Díaz’s art studio, known as “La Embajada - Leo Díaz Visual Artist (Atelier - ArtStudio)” or “571 Art Gallery”, is indeed located in Sosúa, Dominican Republic. The studio offers a stunning view of the mountains and the ocean. Visitors can find customized souvenir items, like coffee mugs and tote bags with Leo Díaz’s signature. The studio also serves as an online art gallery. Leo Díaz’s paintings indeed reflect the national and local environment, with day-to-day topics being his favorite. He prefers to work in a big format as it allows him to express his work in a more free style. His mastery of color and illusion, along with his range of exploration, has brought an emotional impact to his viewing audiences through his various forms of expression. His art truly captures the essence of his surroundings and presents it in a unique and captivating manner.

Art Studio

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